Web Development Process

Web Development Process

The process of developing an effective and outstanding business website is no simple task. We try to make your website design as painless as possible by asking the right questions up front, using our experience and creativity to come up with ideas and solutions that work for your business, translating complicated jargon and concepts and most important – regularly communicating with you every step of the way.

We want you to have total control of your site, so once your website is complete, you may make ongoing changes and updates yourself through the WordPress content management system. Alternatively, you can hire us to manage your site and make changes and updates, but there is no ongoing commitment to use our services. Here is how a typical website development process goes:

  1. You must fill out the website development questionnaire before we begin processing your request.
  2. We schedule a phone call so we can learn more about you and your business and discuss your questionnaire.
  3. Website hosting and a domain name will be purchased and secured. Login and password information for your New domain & Hosting account will be provided to you for your personal records.
  4. The design prototype of the home page for your new site will be emailed to you.
  5. You will provide detailed feedback and any changes needed on the design or overall layout.
  6. We begin Design & Development of the website.
  7. The text or photo content for the website will be provided by you. A Dropbox Link/Folder will be created for you to submit any website content. All script must be provided in a Microsoft Word Document and pictures must be in JPEG, GIF, or PNG format.
  8. Let us know of any changes that are needed (if extra pages or functionality are needed, a quote and change order will be provided for you). You can provide feedback via email at contactus@soulimageryllc.com or through your Dropbox link/folder.
  9. Once you are completely satisfied with your product, the site will go live upon your approval.
  10. Pending payments will be processed at this time (if applicable).
  11. We will provide you with training materials and guides that will allow you to manage your website. We will also provide you with your user names and passwords to administer your site website.
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